SPM Securities is 100% owned by directors or directors entities.  This Division is currently a related entity of Spm Investment Group Pty Ltd. SPM Securities was established in May 2008 to ensure provision of funds management, buy and deal in services and capital placements typically focussed in the domestic listed and unlisted equities markets.  Acceptance of investment funds will typically be raised from sophisticated and in limited occurrences retail investors (both domestic and foreign) and will be sourced by referral at the discretion and efforts of the directors.

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World Market Update
26-Oct-16 Last
All Ordinaries 5523.20
Bombay 100 8982.03
France CAC 40 4552.58
Germany DAX 10761.17
Hang Seng 23565.11
India SENSEX 28091.42
London 250 17801.85
Manila Composite 7580.22
NASDAQ 5283.40
Nikkei 225 17365.25
S&P 500 2143.16
SMI 7929.87
SSE Composite 3128.41
TSX Composite 14923.01
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